It sounds too resolute to call these “goals”. It sounds too wishful and unrealistic to call these “dreams”. So it’s the queue, or the waiting list of races, adventures, and other challenges that I would like to tackle someday. They run the gamut from destination races to lofty training-intense pinnacles of events. Also they tend to fluctuate and get loftier as I push what I thought were my limits further.

So it is.


  • A raceaccomplished March 20, 2016, with Racing Hearts 10K
  • A half-marathonaccomplished April 3, 2016, with San Francisco Rock ‘n Roll Half
  • A marathonaccomplished July 31, 2016, with San Francisco Marathon
  • An ultramarathon – Take it one step (okay more than a few steps…) further?
  • A 50 miler – when the steps keep falling
  • Chicago Marathon – The major classic in the original home city.
  • Any marathon in Korea – Like Chicago but on the foundations.
  • The original Greek marathon course – Back to the absolute basics. Murakami indicated that this is a highway now, but for history’s sake.
  • Boston Marathon – But of course.


  • A metric century – Baby steps
  • An imperial century – Like baby steps but louder
  • A 200k brevet – The beginning of randonneuring
  • A 300k brevet – When you get consumed by wheels


  • A triathlonaccomplished October 23, 2016, with UC Davis Aggieathlon
  • An Olympic – the closest I’ll get to something Olympic
  • A 70.3 – combining all the crazy parts and taking a bite
  • A 140.3 – combining all the crazy parts and eating the whole sandwich


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