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Proposing a new 80/20 rule

The other day, I, a non-drinker, participated in the Beer Mile, a cult running event that involves running a mile on a track, drinking a beer a lap (4 total). The experience was highly unpleasant; I felt nauseous during and for hours afterward, and I cannot in good faith recommend it to anyone else. But […]

A Tale of 3 10Ks: Racing in France, South Korea, and the USA

A few weeks ago I found myself in Paris for an extended weekend, and on a whim thought I’d check the Paris running calendar to see if there was a race while I was in town. I lucked out, and registered in for the 10km du 14√®me, an annual 10k put on by the 14th […]

Race Report: Santa Cruz Half Marathon

First race of the spring season! Which means the last race of the year that isn’t deathly hot before it’s time again for fall season…