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Proposing a new 80/20 rule

The other day, I, a non-drinker, participated in the Beer Mile, a cult running event that involves running a mile on a track, drinking a beer a lap (4 total). The experience was highly unpleasant; I felt nauseous during and for hours afterward, and I cannot in good faith recommend it to anyone else. But […]

anything you can do dalkgalbi can do (better)

Allow me to dispense with a drawn-out introduction and just say: the Korean food that the United States is missing out on is dalkgalbi. Korean food periodically makes waves in the US, and I expect that the renewed focus that comes with the current PyeongChang Olympics will give rise to some “new” Korean food de […]

A week in trainer cinema: Jan 29 – Feb 4

I’ve only been using an indoor bike trainer to do the bulk of my cycling for a little over a month now, so I haven’t quite nailed down my ideal setup. Some of it was technical and fit related — I re-attached the aero bars to my road bike, so I had to go through […]

A Tale of 3 10Ks: Racing in France, South Korea, and the USA

A few weeks ago I found myself in Paris for an extended weekend, and on a whim thought I’d check the Paris running calendar to see if there was a race while I was in town. I lucked out, and registered in for the 10km du 14√®me, an annual 10k put on by the 14th […]

Finding the breaking point

A small part of me is very curious how the body decides that enough is enough, and that it’s time to give up, roll over and die, and how it decides to keep going, and to accept a new normal. Given that I’m just about to finish a block of three weeks where my average […]

Race Report: Santa Cruz Half Marathon

First race of the spring season! Which means the last race of the year that isn’t deathly hot before it’s time again for fall season…