I got my first taste of living a dual life on Sunday, shedding my normal mundane college student existence for 2 hours to live as my new alter ego, “Suit Man”, during the first Silicon Valley Half Marathon. Advertisements

On my last trip down the internet rabbithole, I stumbled across the YouTube channel of a photographer named Talbot Cox, whose work I see on Instagram from time to time. While browsing his many fantastic interviews, I came across a press conference Jan Frodeno held with Oakley prior to Kona 2017, and with it, this […]

Typically in English language media, Korean names tend to be written as Surname Given-name (see: Kim Jong-un, Ban Ki-moon, Moon Jae-in). This is a pattern that tends to work uniformly well, as an overwhelmingly majority of Koreans’ names have three syllables (monosyllabic surname, disyllabic given name). However, this naming convention is still relatively recent and […]

If you’re a fan of baseball, unless you’re also a fan of the Mariners, you probably have observed the actions of one Mr. Shohei Ohtani over the last few days with some interest. After a doubt-inducing Spring Training, he’s come out of the gate in the actual season with some aplomb, throwing a quality start […]

I intentionally waited until as close to Opening Day (D-3 at this writing!) to make this post, and I’m glad I did, especially given the rash of injuries that have swept the back end of Spring Training. Perhaps that’s cheating, in terms of making predictions for the oncoming season, many of which were made before […]

I spent most of last week doing not much exercise at all, as a combination of final term papers and hemorrhoids made my available time shorter and my time in general uncomfortable. The offshoot of that was that I certainly had a lot of time to rest (and it was convenient that this all coincided […]

The other day, I, a non-drinker, participated in the Beer Mile, a cult running event that involves running a mile on a track, drinking a beer a lap (4 total). The experience was highly unpleasant; I felt nauseous during and for hours afterward, and I cannot in good faith recommend it to anyone else. But […]